Best Bitcoin Casinos for Live Dealer Games

Bitcoin gambling has become popular over the years, and many people are choosing this as their preferred form of gambling compared to the traditional method. Bitcoin gambling sites offer users the ability to bet using the cryptocurrency of their choice. Users can use that cryptocurrency to bet on various games and get extra privacy and security. With the help of this article, all players will give our readers the best Bitcoin gambling sites so that they can gamble on these platforms as and when they wish to do so.


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Best Bitcoin gambling sites

What is Bitcoin Gambling Sites?

Bitcoin gambling sites allow users to bet on different games using Bitcoin, the world’s first and most popular form of cryptocurrency. Players have various options on these sites, including blackjack, slots, poker, roulette, and live sports betting. 

Online Bitcoin gambling sites allow betting using Bitcoin as their primary form of transaction. Hence, users can use this currency to bet, deposit, and withdraw. These websites offer users benefits and a unique method of gambling. 

Let us understand the advantages of gambling with Bitcoins and why people do it. Firstly, the main reason for gambling with this currency is that users gain anonymity and privacy. Players can access a casino platform where they do not have to give in much of their private information when creating their accounts. 

This gives users a sense of gambling without sharing much of their information, giving them more privacy. Hence, all users make their accounts on these Bitcoin gambling sites with minimal personal information. 

The transaction fee associated with these Bitcoin gambling sites is pretty low compared to traditional banking. This is great for gamblers who gamble frequently and may face higher losses on their transaction fees. 

These Bitcoin transactions are also much faster than those using the traditional method. Average withdrawals take several days to process, but Bitcoin transactions are initiated quicker and happen within a few hours.

Another benefit of this currency is that it offers users global accessibility, which means the currency is not related to any banking institution or country. This gives the users an opportunity to gamble at these casinos without thinking about converting their home currency since there will be no legal restrictions. 

Yet another speciality of these online Bitcoin gambling sites is that they offer all users a provably fair gaming technique that improves the game’s fairness. This technology provides the user with authenticity, stating that the outcome of every game is different and is not managed or manipulated by the casino. 

The Bitcoin gambling sites have a lot of games to offer to their users, and they include the likes of casino games like roulette, slots, blackjack, poker, and craps. There is also sports betting involved in many platforms, allowing users to bet on various sports games like basketball, football, baseball and many more. Even eSports betting will enable users to bet on their favourite competitive video gaming event.  

Various security measures are implemented for these Bitcoin gambling sites to protect the players’ data and funds. Specific security features, like SSL encryption, will help preserve the users’ funds and private information. 

The Bitcoin gambling website can also add a two-factor authentication code, which will make it harder for users to get their accounts hacked. Users would have to provide the verification code twice, which makes it highly unlikely that their accounts will be hacked. 

With Bitcoin gambling, there may be different rules in each jurisdiction, so users should learn about the rules of gambling where they are based. Over the years, many countries have accepted payments through Bitcoin but have also set some strict regulations. Hence, players should carry out their necessary checks when looking forward to the status of online gambling. 

It is only fair to tell our readers both sides of the story. If there are so many advantages to this currency, then there are a few risks that individuals should be aware of. First and foremost is the volatility issue with Bitcoin. 

Now, the currency is volatile, which means that its value can change dramatically. The volatility can both be positive and a risk to the user, depending on the condition of the market. This lack of regulation could be seen as a benefit, as it gives users privacy and fewer options in terms of fraud and disputes. 

So, to limit this risk, players should opt for well-reputed gambling platforms. Now, this is not much of a risk but a PSA as these gambling sites can be highly addictive due to the form of their working, so users are requested to gamble responsibly. 

The future of Bitcoin gambling is supposed to be bright. There have been regular advancements in its technology, and more cryptocurrencies and crypto casino are being adopted. Many more people are becoming aware of Bitcoin’s advantages. 

So, all Bitcoin gambling sites offer users a great way to engage in online gambling. Each has its own advantages and provides players with fairness, transaction speed, and privacy. Players should be aware of the risks that come with the currency. 

How does it works?

After learning about Bitcoin gambling, it is time to learn how these platforms work. So, first, users have to create their accounts, and the process is straightforward. Players do not have to give much of their information to the casino platform, which helps them maintain their privacy. 

Then, the players will have to bring their Bitcoin wallets, where they will store most of their money. These wallets can be of various types, such as hardware-based wallets, which require a particular physical device; apart from that, there are software-based wallets, which include mobile applications or desktops. 

Once players have completed the required currency conversion, they can deposit Bitcoin into their accounts. However, before making the deposit, they must purchase Bitcoin, which can be done from peer-to-peer platforms. Players then have to send their money into the wallet by providing the address for it. 

The wallet address is a public address given by the casino. Transactions can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. After the deposit is processed, the players can browse through their websites and choose the available gambling options. This may involve selecting the various available games and specific sports betting options. 

Once that is done, users can start placing their bets by selecting their amount in Bitcoin. The website may convert the Bitcoin amount into equivalent betting units for the game. Many Bitcoin gambling sites also use the provably fair gaming technique, which shows that the platforms ensure fairness in all games played on the casino gambling site. 

The next step is to withdraw the money that users have won over time, and that can be done by requesting a withdrawal to the casino by giving the Bitcoin wallet address. Once that is done, it is transferred to the Bitcoin network. Then, the transaction has to be confirmed by the network, and that may take a few minutes to an hour. 

Pros and Cons

These Bitcoin gambling sites have many pros and cons, so let’s discuss them in a bit more depth. Let’s look at the pros first. 

There are a lot of cons to it as well so let us discuss them.

Bitcoin gambling sites offer many advantages, including lower fees, enhanced privacy, provably fair games, and fast transactions. However, there are certain risks, such as volatility and legal uncertainties.

List of top bitcoin gambling sites

List of Top Bitcoin Gambling Sites

There are many big Bitcoin gambling sites available for users to gamble with. However, we can not name any platform, but we can, therefore, give tips on how to find these top platforms. So, we’ll start with the game variety these online casino platforms offer users. 

Individuals should opt for platforms with a wide selection of games, which they can choose according to their preferences. This also helps in improving their gaming experience. Another feature users need to observe is the user interface, which comes with appealing graphics, intuitive navigation, and smooth gameplay. 

An overall good website helps build customer satisfaction and retain them. Good platforms should also use the provably fair gaming technique to ensure that the outcomes of all games that come into the mix are fair. This technique is necessary to build trust in the community and promote fairness. 

Users should observe other things, such as whether the top Bitcoin gambling sites have SSL encryption in the casino website, to see if the platform helps secure the users’ funds and private information. 

The prime purpose of users using Bitcoin gambling sites is that they allow users to attain privacy and anonymity features. With the help of this, players would have to share less of their information and still be able to participate in the casino proceedings. 

The speed of the transactions made by the users on these platforms is rapid. All the transactions on these websites are way faster, and they are done to make it more convenient for all the users. 

There is also less fee applied to all transactions on these Bitcoin platforms, another method that helps attract more people to the mix. This helps users who do constant transactions avoid paying a larger fee. 

All players should also learn all the types of customer support services on the Bitcoin gambling platforms, and they should opt for the ones that offer users services like FAQs, live chat features, email and phone calls. Excellent and effective customer service goes a long way, and it helps improve the players’ overall experience. 

Lastly, before selecting a platform, individuals should also look at the type of promotions the casino is pushing to the individuals and then only opt for the platform that is doing the best promotions for everyone. 

The players should decide after checking the online casino platform’s reviews and reputation in the gambling industry.

Bitcoin and crypto casino bonuses and promotions

Bonuses and Promotions

Many bonuses are available at Bitcoin gambling sites, and they are designed to improve the users’ overall experience on the platform, attract new customers to keep the business running, and secure the ones already there. 

Deposit Bonuses

Users get this kind of bonus when they deposit money on the casino platform. Individuals must deposit to claim this bonus, which is why it is termed a deposit bonus. Deposit bonuses are lucrative bonuses that keep users getting something while they gamble on the casino platform. 

This can be part of the welcome bonus because it works similarly. Users only have to deposit something to obtain this form of bonus.

Cashback Bonus

This bonus gives users money even though they lost it in their bets. Yes, the cashback bonus is a ray of light to all casino players and acts as a safety net. Players playing under a cashback bonus will receive something in return, even though it may be something like 10%. 

There are special cashback bonuses as well, such as in cases of live sports events, where players may get the opportunity to get 100% of their money back when they are gambling at the casino platform. However, it depends on the conditions imposed with the bonus, and users must check that before claiming the bonus.

Freespin and Freebet

Free spins are a bunch of free spins given to users for free. All they can do with those free spins is use them in games like online slots. This helps the players avoid using their money in these games for a certain period. 

 So, free spins can function in many ways on these Bitcoin gambling platforms. First, users need to sign up and then make a deposit. After the deposit, users will be given free spins they can use in the slot game of their choice. However, individuals should remember that all free spins are subject to wagering requirements. 

Free bets are bonuses that allow individuals to place their bets without bringing their own money into the mix. They are used in sports betting and can even spread to various types of betting. This bet type becomes active when users sign up on the casino platform, and they may have to enter the promotion code to activate it. 

Players may also get free credit, which helps save their funds.

Buy Bitcoin at Bitcoin casinos

How to buy Bitcoin and transfer?

When considering buying Bitcoin and using it to transfer it, players should keep certain things in mind before making that purchase. First, they need to review the security measures available and see if the platform implements encryption, cold storage, and even two-factor authentication. 

Players should then look at the casino platform’s user interface and ensure it is straightforward, making it easy for beginners. Individuals should also check the platform’s transaction fee when buying, withdrawing, or selling Bitcoin. 

Users should also be able to use various payment methods to convert the desired currency.

Best Crypto website to buy Bitcoin

Now, there is no best website to buy Bitcoin; however, there are certain qualities that a user needs to be aware of when looking to buy this form of currency. First and foremost is the platform’s reputation in the industry and what all the reviews say about the website. 

Then, it is the type of payment method they accept from the players when they come to get their currency exchanged. Also, how good is the user interface, since new users may need help navigating? The platforms should also provide security to individuals since their private information would be at risk.

List of Cryptocurrency website

The same goes for this. All users have to do is look for certain points that a website should have instead of just looking for the best platform. This is the medium criteria users should take care of when they are trying to gamble in cryptocurrency. 

The procedure is standard and starts by looking at Bitcoin gambling sites that offer users strong security, including 2FA and data encryption. They have an easy-to-navigate user interface, and the transaction fee is quite low. 

The platforms accept various payment options to help make users’ lives easier. They also have a good reputation in the gambling industry. Lastly, they should have a good customer system running to help solve users’ problems. 

How to deposit bitcoin to gambling website?

The process of depositing Bitcoin to any gambling site is very straightforward. All users have to do is start by making their wallet, which is required for buying Bitcoin and storing any form of cryptocurrency. After doing that, users can make the purchase in cryptocurrency, in this case, buying Bitcoin. 

Players need to get a deposit address, navigate to the deposit section, and then choose Bitcoin as their deposit method. 

Individuals can then transfer the Bitcoin to their cryptocurrency wallet by giving the casino’s deposit address and selecting the money they need to deposit. Always make sure to double-check the addresses since the transfers are irreversible. 

Once that is set and done, users can confirm the transaction and wait for the money.


There are certain advantages like anonymity, low fees, fast transactions and privacy.

Users can make a withdrawal request by going to that particular section in the casino, giving their wallet address, and confirming the transaction afterwards.

It usually varies from one website to another; however, it is usually between $10 and $20.